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July 27, 2010 — 4 Comments

This may be preaching to the choir but . . .

I think one of the best ways to develop as a leader is by subscribing to and reading blogs.  You won’t grow as a leader if you’re not being exposed to new ideas and great leaders.  And there’s no quicker way than to read great blogs.  They’re short and to the point – my favorite kind of reading.

For those of you who don’t know, I explain how (and why) to subscribe to blogs here.

Here are my favorite blogs that I read almost daily (I’ve added these to my Resources Tab).  

Let me know in the comments what your favorite blogs are.

The quick list – My top 3 favorite overall:

The full list by category:

Christian/Gospel-centered (ranked):

  1. Justin Taylor –   If all you did was follow his blog you wouldn’t be missing much else on the internets.  By far the best Christian blog out there.
  2. Tim Challies – voracious Christian book reader/reviewer.  Rock-solid theology.
  3. Tim Keller – doesn’t post very much but when he does. . .

Church Relevance has a good list of the top 100 Christian blogs.

Leadership (ranked):

  1. Seth Godin – brilliant thinker/writer on leadership and marketing.  at least once a week I bookmark one of his posts for use with my staff team.
  2. What’s Best Next – incredible thoughts on productivity and leadership (I also use a lot of his posts with my staff)
  3. Ben Arment – not sure why I like this blog so much.  Random compilation of leadership thoughts and design.  Ben is probably the best Christian event planner in the world.  Great creative mind and eye for design.
  4. Michael Hyatt – CEO of Thomas Nelson publishing.  Great thinker on Leadership
  5. Signal vs. Noise – from the authors of Rework.  Leadership, design, etc.

Design/Marketing/Culture (ranked):

  1. Smashing Magazine – a must read for designers (especially web design)
  2. Already Been Chewed – a Christian designer with mad motion skills
  3. New York Times Editorials by David Brooks – what do all my favorite NYT editorials have in common?  David Brooks wrote them.  Often looks at religious topics (from a secular point of view)
  4. Abuzeedo – overwhelming number of new posts every week.  But great inspiration for designers (plus free fonts/textures/tutorials/etc)
  5. Church Marketing Sucks – “The site to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ”

College Ministry (in no particular order):

I didn’t even discover this category of blogs until Summer 2010.  So I’m new to the game here.  I’m sure I’m missing some stellar blogs in this category.

  1. Benson Hines – a college-minitry-blogging-machine.  He blogs new ideas every day.
  2. Matt McComas – CCC staff in Portland – blogs on leadership, technology and innovation as it relates to college ministry
  3. Brian Barela – Director of CCC’s New Media Strategies – movement building, evangelism, innovation

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  • Thanks for the list, Tim — I had some of these, but found a couple of new ones in this post.

  • Helpful list Tim. Thanks.

    I should update my blog now.

  • Thanks for including me – and helping me find YOUR blog this way! I appreciate it!

  • Hey Tim, I’m so glad you started blogging…I think you have so much wisdom to share! Thanks for sharing all the resources, too!
    Some blogs you might like:
    Gary Runn’s ( and Ken Cochrum’s ( on “Big L” leadership. They don’t post often…but they have great things to say.
    Two other staff guys who I really like and who post more regularly are Scott Crocker ( and Brian Virtue ( They have a unique perspective as white leaders in minority ministry (Impact and Epic, respectively.)