Facebook 5x better than Twitter?

November 2, 2010 — 4 Comments

I like Twitter about 1000x more than Facebook.

Like Brian Barela quoted on his blog: “Twitter makes me like people I’ve never met and Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life”.

I use it as an all-in-one:

  • Feed reader (letting me know when my favorite blogs update)
  • News Aggregator (NYTimes, CNN, CollegeFootball)
  • Devotional (gospel-centered content throughout the day from guys like @PastorTullian and @PaulTripp)
  • Leadership-Developer (short bursts of leadership genius from the likes of @MichaelHyatt or @ScottBelsky)
  • AND Friend-updater (the one feature Facebook is good at)

But when I link to my blog in my Facebook status I get 5x more traffic then when I just get the word out via Twitter.

Matches up pretty well with this interesting Fast Company article: “Facebook Is Worth $2.52, Twitter Only 43 Cents” and the fact that Facebook has 5x as many Users (and I have 5x as many “friends” there!).

A primary reason why Facebook continues to dominate?  Ease of use.

Have you ever tried to explain Twitter to someone new?  What are hashtags? What does RT mean?  What’s bit.ly?  Where’s the insert photo button?

37Signals blog states it well:

Some serious flaws are holding Twitter’s usability back. A collection of hacks that were initially cool and clever among the geekset have turned into de facto features. Why should users have to know what a URL shortener is? Why does attaching a photo to a tweet require third-party tools and diminish your character count?

Related back to college ministry. . .

What are we unknowingly doing that prevents new people from understanding our ministry and wanting to “Sign On”.  
What do we need to do to make our ministry, in the words of 37Signals, “easier to use, easier to explain, and easier to expand”?

To Start:

  • Hashtags = getting rid of insider Christian lingo
  • URL Shortener = Bulit-in ways to help students take the next step (clear map of what it looks like to get involved past the weekly meeting)

What would you add?

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  • great post tim!

    ditto for me on the traffic.

    i really like my google reader and using rss but twitter often proves too easy to use.

    i’m thinking of pairing down the amount of blogs i subscribe to in rss, following the remaining ones more closely, and let twitter inform me on everything else.

    • I agree with Brian, great post.

      Twitter informs me of a lot. It’s a time saver cause I let people I trust filter information for me.

      I also am thinking about whittling down my RSS reader…I have about 800 unread blogs on there right now.

  • timcasteel

    Great way to put it Brian and Matt – “I let people I trust filter information for me”. I only have 545 unread posts but I definitely feel behind. I heard that Ken Cochrum actually schedules in 30 minutes into his Friday to read blogs. And when the 30 minutes are up he marks all blogs as read.

    The problem with posting to Facebook is that I feel that most of my posts only hit a very specific target audience – staff and more specifically Campus Directors or upper-level leaders.