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“The core principle of effective management is to extend people’s autonomy.

When people are free, they take initiative and innovate and make things happen.

Increase people’s freedom and you increase motivation”

Recently I’ve come across several great articles on a Biblical approach to work that fall into two categories:

  1. A Theology of Work (it’s been great content to work through with my Senior Guys Bible Study)
  2. A Biblical approach to Management and Leadership

The first category applies to the Worker (which we all are), the second to the Boss (which most of us are – whether Director, staff, or student leader – you lead people). Today’s post will deal with the latter.

Matt Perman is the Director of Strategy for Desiring God. His blog is in my top 3 favorites. He recently wrote 2 phenomenal articles dealing with a Biblical approach to Management:

Read the first article for an overview. Read the latter for a thorough understanding.

The latter article may be the best thing I’ve read on Leadership because it synthesizes so many ideas into one cohesive strategy.

It pulls from concepts like:

  • Marcus Buckingham’s (and Peter Drucker’s) Strengths-based leadership
  • Daniel Pink’s (and Jim Collins’ Built to Last) ideas on what motivates employees

In reading it, for sake of time, you could skip point 1 and come back to as you have time (it’s foundational/Biblical but really long).

Some great quotes from it:

  • Management is not “getting things done through others,” as it is commonly defined, but is “developing people through tasks.” Accomplishing results and developing the individual are equal concerns.
  • The core principle of effective management is to extend people’s autonomy.
  • When people are free, they take initiative and innovate and make things happen
  • Increase people’s freedom and you increase motivation
  • Our goal is to seek to extend and further autonomy in all possible ways so that our people, in turn, can be as effective as they can be and we can spread as far and wide as we are able
  • Our philosophy of management is based not on control, but on trust.

In College Ministry, where do you think we need to extend autonomy?

photo courtesy of Éole

This week at Cru (our last of the year) I did a talk on Seeking God over the Summer. I thought I’d share the notes and slides in case it would be helpful to anyone for future talks!

Slides (and above picture) are from Southeast Christian Church. An AMAZING web site of graphic/video resources. They have editable Photoshop files as well as finished jpgs and QuickTime movies. I just edited one of their photoshop files to add my titles. It’s a great way to take your presentation quality up a notch with VERY little prep (it took me about 45 minutes to prep all my slides and edit the background)

It was a little bit of a different talk that included several elements. The general flow:

  • Began with four reflection questions (gave them about a minute of thinking time for each question)

What things make it hard to pursue God at the U of A?

What things will make it hard over the summer?

What things encourage you to seek God at the U of A?

What steps can you take this summer to keep pursuing God?

  • Talk Content – Hebrews 12:1-2

Cloud of Witnesses – What voices will you be listening to this summer? Will they encourage you to walk with God? If not, where can you find those who will urge you onward in the race of faith?

Throw off Hindrances – weights that slow you down in the pursuit of God (time wasters like video games, etc)

Throw off Sin – “so easily entangles” – it describes sin as having the advantage in favor of its prevailing

Gospel vs. Religion – not just a list of don’t do’s. But primarily about what Jesus has done leading to the third point. . .

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus – What will you do to fix your eyes on Jesus this summer? Have a plan to read God’s Word. “For every look at yourself take ten looks at Christ.” – Robert Murray McCheyne

  • 2 Students shared summer testimonies (about how they wasted summers or are intentionally thinking through how to not waste their summer)

  • Recommended books for summer reading

  • End on Christ-focus – what was the joy that Jesus was motivated by? Our redemption. So while we were still entangled in our sin, Christ ran the perfect race for us, in our place. And he did it for the joy of having a relationship with us. That is our motivation for running. The gospel.

Below are the full talk notes, student notes, and powerpoint slides.

Talk credits: I borrowed liberally from a talk by Chris Newport (Cru director at Texas Tech) and came up with the Christ focus via Tim Keller. And I’m sure there are other sources I’m forgetting!

Talk Notes:

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Student Notes:

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Music Mondays

April 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

Every month Amazon puts 100 albums up for $5. Here’s the best from April:

  • The Best of Radiohead – If you don’t any/many Radiohead albums, this is a great intro to them
  • Arcade Fire – The Suburbs – I know I’ve mentioned this one a few times but I can’t stop listening to this album. At first I liked it solely for it’s music (my #3 album of 2010). Now I’m soaking in the lyrics. It’s a fascinating secular commentary on our modern age (the suburban sprawl, sin, self-indulgent fickle hipsters, technology’s control of us, our instant society, etc)
  • Sigur Ros – Takk. . . Beautiful indecipherable music
  • Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream – One of my favorite rock albums of all time!


A great song (that you can get legally for free)- Tapes n Tapes – Freak Out


Favorite new band I’ve discovered this year – Geographer. Preview/buy their two best songs Kites and Verona on iTunes. Great indie pop.

Check out the first single from Death Cab for Cutie’s new album. It’s really good. It makes me hopeful for an upbeat, more rocking album from them.