Catalyst Dallas – Craig Groeschel

May 14, 2011 — 1 Comment

Craig Groeschel spoke on intergenerational leadership – how older leaders can work with younger leaders. I mostly took notes on the part that applied to me as a relatively young leader. 🙂

A few abridged notes:

  • When you delegate tasks you create followers
  • When you delegate responsibility you produce leaders
  • Tim Elmore: told emerging generation to pick one word that starts with the letter ‘E’ to describe themselves. Most common answers:


  • Number one word employers used of this generation: Entitled
  • You can’t speed up maturity
  • We tend to overestimate what God intends to do in the short run
  • We grossly underestimate what God will do in the long run if we remain faithful
  • Most common question from 20-somethings: How do I lead up
  • Craig asked his pastor: Why did you let me lead up?
  • Answer? Because you showed me honor
  • Honor publicly results in influence privately
  • The emerging generation often doesn’t show honor
  • Our leaders have been chosen and equipped by God
  • Honor – to treat as valuable, esteem
  • The lack of honor for the older generation in the ministry limits what God can do
  • If you want to be over, you need to learn to be under with integrity
  • I have great hope for this younger generation
  • This generation is the most cause driven, mission minded generation in the history of the world
  • They ache to make a difference in this world
  • You see something you don’t like and it disturbs your soul and it lights a fire under you
  • And you’re willing to say “not on my watch. I am not OK with this”
  • You’re willing to walk away from the so many materialistic traps that my generation got caught up in
  • But you feel entitled: You need to understand what you deserve – you deserve hell
  • When you understand that, it frees you from entitlement


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