Catalyst Dallas – Takeaways

May 17, 2011 — 7 Comments

Part 2 of my wrap-up of Catalyst Dallas. You can read part 1 here where I listed the best talks and thoughts from Catalyst Dallas.

Today I wanted to process thru with you my Takeaways (mostly unresolved issues that I need to think through).

  • Make sure I teach/lead in such a way that it’s clear that the gospel is THE issue. The fuel for ministry and the source of life change.

– From Matt Chandler: “My fear is that we shackle our people with chains when we don’t understand the gospel. Because what we give people is the list. You have to do ____ to be accepted by God”
– My thoughts: For CCC, that might be: “you have to share your faith, pray missionally, disciple, and lead a Bible study to be accepted by Staff/God”
– My fear would be that the primary thing students get from CCC is a list, and a deep understanding of the gospel is secondary

  • I need a coach (from Scott Harrison’s talk)
  • I need to figure out my strengths/weaknesses (going to do StrengthFinders test this summer). And make a list of things that only I can do and then what I need to delegate –  “The sooner you are able to discern between your strengths and weaknesses, the better your org is going to be” – Andy Stanley
  • I need to get intentional/organized about unplugging. Maybe read Challies’ The Next Story, re-listen to Joshua Harris’ phenomenal sermon on Self-control in a Wired World– “Unplugging is the competitive advantage of the digital age” – Scott Belsky
  • Think through how to help students overcome an entitlement mindset (from Craig Groeschel’s talk)
  • Think through how we will balance social justice with our primary focus on Win/Build/Send and our primary target audience of college students
  • Think through evangelism in light of Dave Kinnaman’s stats on American youth: “Our role= to introduce them to the God they think they know”

What do you think? Would love to hear:

  1. What your takeaways were

  2. Any thoughts you have on my takeaways- insights on how to proceed on any of them


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  • The entire series has been a great model for me in how to maximize what I get out of a conference. As a side note, that might be a great use of the first night of Winter Conference’s campus time: “How specifically to get the most out of this conference” or something like that.

    • timcasteel

      Thanks Andrew. Give me an example of what you would say do to give them some guidelines on that first night of TWC?

  • Tim

    I have greatly enjoyed your thoughts on this conference. Many of the things you have shared were things I was never really able to put into words, but have been grasping at for some time. It’s good to see once the many topics are put together, how they relate to one another. I think there is much we can take from this.

    I’m anticipating your thoughts and action steps to answer a few of the Takeaways, well all of them actually. As I type this comment my mind wonders towards practical steps…look forward to hearing yours.

    • timcasteel

      Thanks Tim. On the Takeaways I don’t have a lot of action steps yet! I was hoping for a little help in thinking thru what it would look like to proceed on some of those. Maybe I’ll crowdsource some of them by posting individually on a few of them!

  • Hi Tim,

    I’m a new MTL in Illinois and friend of Tim Norman’s who connected me to your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog – great input for me as a new MTL. I’ve greatly appreciated your thoughts from this conference, great sharpening about leadership and helpful to have a brief snapshot of various talk/ideas. Thanks!

    • timcasteel

      Matt. That’s so encouraging. You are THE reason I blog: to share ideas and dialogue with other MTL’s and staff. I’m glad you took the time to comment and join the conversation. I look forward to hearing your insights in the future!

    • timcasteel

      Matt – are you on Twitter? Would love to follow and keep up with you via Twitter!
      Tim – you need to step up your Tweeting game. 🙂