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May 8, 2012 — 7 Comments

We do one thing all year to raise money for our ministry – a Fellowship Dinner. And every year we see God provide abundantly ($50-$75k).

It is a lot of work but I am a firm believer that it is THE best way to fund your ministry (read how one ministry raises over $400k/year).

My hope is that more and more Cru movements around the country begin to have Fellowship Dinners so that they are abundantly funded.

Cru Staff: for more info on how to put on a Dinner email Jim Dempsey who is THE expert (or for details on what we do, leave a comment).


We’ve been blessed by professional Graphic Designers who have produced high quality materials for our last few Dinners and I wanted to share those with anyone that wants to use them:

  Designs are by an Arkansas Cru alum- Kelsea Walkley of petit4prints.com

@petit4prints on Twitter

Kelsea has generously donated her talents and design for our Fellowship Dinner and allowed me to share them with you!

From Kelsea:

“If a CRU movement interested in using these designs, they can email me and I will send them a link to download the editable files free of charge (they would have to have someone who knows how to navigate a design software such as illustrator).

If they would prefer that I customize these designs for them (edit text, colors, send them files for printing, etc.), they can contact me for a design estimate.

I am always interested in custom design projects!  Please contact me for a design estimate.”

If you use one of these designs, let me know and I can send you more content if it’s helpful – magnets, powerpoint templates, Silent Auction, name tags, and other assorted signage.

Other assorted Fellowship Dinner items:

A nice looking Powerpoint template and magnet from 2010 made by John Robinson who works for Saatchi X (using a stock image originally from Penn State Cru).

PDF of magnet         Powerpoint Template

Below are my talks from the past few years.

You might be able glean some good quotes, illustrations or ways of structuring vision or “the ask”:




Our Magnet from 2012


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  • what awesome resources!

  • Ali Enos

    You are a GREAT leader and I SO appreciate that you share your resources. Just read your whole talk from this year’s dinner- great vision and also very practical. I know God is the one who builds ministries, but I applaud your labor, your strategy and your leadership.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the kind words Ali!
      So encouraging.

  • Tim, so good man. I aspire to put on something similar someday! Two questions: 1) What’s your source for the 70% stat that you used in your talk this year? 2) What are the reasons that you prefer being the keynote speaker at your dinner? As we’ve started to plan for a fellowship dinner next spring, we’re brainstorming speakers, but I haven’t considered doing it myself at this point. Any thoughts on having you (the director) speak versus bringing in an outside speaker?

    • Anonymous

      Jonathan – sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve been on Summer Project and swamped with all that entails!

      1) The 70% stat comes from Pete Kelly’s post: http://christcenteredleaders.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/5-reasons-we-should-be-very-concerned-about-the-state-of-collegiate-ministry-in-america/

      2) I keynote because we’ve found that an outside speaker, unless they’re a HUGE draw like George Bush or the CEO of Walmart or something, is usually not worth it. They’re off topic (if they’re not CRU) and even if they’re a bigwig in Cru they probably can’t cast specific vision for your campus like you can. But that’s just my 2 cents. Jim Dempsey may disagree – I don’t know. Our goal is to get as many students up front and on screen as possible. Year after year that is people’s favorite part of our dinner – hearing life change stories from students themselves. And I think it helps the community build a connection with you as the director over the years.

  • Chris McKinney

    Thanks again Tim for making all this stuff available. Just started working on our dinner today.

    • timcasteel

      Thanks for the encouragement man. Seriously – let me know if you need anything – talk notes, flow for the dinner, MC notes, etc.