Photos with Text are taking over the internet

July 24, 2012 — 3 Comments


Chris Brogan with some great insights:

“photos with text over them are the new big thing.” Have you noticed your Facebook stream lately? A huge chunk of what goes by lately are photos with text over them.

For whatever reason, the “photos with text” experience gives us that feeling we get when we read magazines. It makes the texty text of blogging a lot less stark. It draws our eyes in. It’s fast to consume, and it brings an emotional response faster.

He gives three key ways to think about their use:

  1. Make interesting graphics worth sharing.
  2. Make it easy to share them.
  3. Evoke an emotion.

Using photos to gain visibility on Facebook is definitely something we’ve been trying to do more of (thanks to Brian Barela’s repeated advice over the past 2 years). Every time we post an event on Facebook we try to include a photo:

As you scanned over those last three images, you can see why it is so powerful:

  • It only took you a few seconds
  • It was visually appealing
  • It wasn’t a boring block of text that you skim straight over

But I don’t think we’ve tapped into the full potential of marketing on Facebook in the “photos with text” world.

What are you thoughts on how to better capitalize on Brogan’s three keys (I don’t think we do well at #2 or #3)?


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  • Matt

    Just FYI – they are called memes.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe a subcategory of memes 🙂
      Memes are technically anything that’s viral (including videos, etc).

      • Matt

        **insert foot in mouth**

        knew I should leave the online expertise to you 😉