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August 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

Yesterday we tried out Facebook’s new Promoted Post feature to get the word out about our first Cru weekly meeting . Promoted posts are a way to get seen by the people who like your page AND their friends. It’s 100x better than running an ad on Facebook because it shows up in people’s news feed.

Here’s how Facebook describes it (they have a helpful, short video explaining it here) :

  • All promoted posts will show in the news feeds of the people who like your Page and, when they interact with the post, to their friends.
  • Your promoted posts will be seen by a larger percentage of the people who like your Page than would normally see it. It will also be seen by a larger percentage of the friends of people who interact with your post.
  • Only pages with 400 likes or greater can use the Promoted Post feature

We spent $2.92 of our $15 “budget” for the 5 hours that it was “promoted” ($15 was the max amount you could budget).

We let the post run for 3 hours before we promoted it. After 3 hours the post had 37 likes, it had been shared 4 times and seen by 738 people.

Here’s the stats after 5 hours of being Promoted:

Cru promoted post w stats

Doing the math . . .in the 5 hours we promoted the post:

  • 1100 people saw the post – almost 800 of those were a result of Promoted Post (I presume 300 would have seen it if we had not promoted)
  • There was a marked increase in the number of shares: 4 to 22
  • Not a huge increase in likes (I attribute that to the fact that most of our leaders had probably already liked it during the first 3 hours it ran)
  • Not sure if it was the number of likes/shares or the fact that we used Promoted Post, but the post was “pinned” at the top of the newsfeed for the several Cru leaders I checked with

It’s hard to tell how much extra promo Promoted Posts brought, BUT I’m sure it was worth at least the $3 we spent on it.

A few takeaways as I think about how to make Promoted Posts even more effective:

  • We need to work on getting more students to like our page (so that when we do promote posts, they will see them for sure)
  • We need to encourage our student leaders to friend as many new students as possible (so that when we promote posts, all the students we’re trying to reach will see the post). If our students are only friends with other involved Cru students then only involved Cru students will se our Promoted Posts.

What have you seen work in promoting your ministry on Facebook?



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