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August 14, 2012 — 15 Comments

None of this is earth-shatteringly-good. Most of it is very simple. But hopefully it saves you some time or gives you ideas.

Spiritual Interest Survey

We’ve put a lot of effort into streamlining our Spiritual Interest Survey card. We do it with 3000 freshmen/students the first week of class – so we want it to be quick and effective. Click here to download the photoshop file so you can edit it to fit your needs:

1 Minute Questionnaire

Cru Card

Our Cru Card that we use for our weekly meeting is similar but a bit different.

1 Minute Questionnaire

Simple Cru Flier

Nothing special. But I always think it’s fun to see what other campuses do for promo.

Cru and dorm studies - blog

We used to do them in color but have found that b/w is just as sharp looking IF:

  • You print them on card stock
  • Have them “cut to bleed” (so that there is no white border)
  • Don’t print them at FedExKinko’s (find a good local print shop)


First 4 Weeks Calendar

Always fun to see how other ministries operate. So here’s an overview of what our First 4 Weeks calendar looks like.

1st 4 weeks of class Calendar 2012 final

Intro Video for Weekly Meeting

Here’s a video we show at the beginning of our meeting the first few weeks. It serves two purposes:

  1. It functions as a cue to sit down and be quiet (there is intentionally space at the beginning to give everyone a chance to sit down).
  2. It communicates a little about who we are and what we’re about


Canadian/P2C staff: here’s a Canadian version you can use (you can download it there). I added more “eh’s” to contextualize it.  : )


Fall Retreat Brochures

Here’s a post with 3 different Fall Retreat Brochure designs we’ve used.

Fall Retreat 2010 powerpoint slide


Cool Music

Cru Cookout playlist 12I created a Spotify playlist that we use at all of our freshmen cookouts and our weekly meeting.

It’s a mix of Indie Rock, Dance (think: Rihanna), and Christian Hip Hop.

We pay $10 for the month of August to get Spotify Premium so you don’t have annoying commercials.

As I’ve said before:

While cool, upbeat music may be #27 on the list of important things about a weekly meeting, it’s important nonetheless.

What’s the first thing students encounter when they come to your meeting? Your music that you’re playing before the meeting.

And what happens when they hear Newsboys or Rebecca St. James pumping out of your speakers? You immediately confirm their worst suspicions that you are cheezy and out of touch with their reality.

As much as I am not a big fan of hip hop nor dance music, at our weekly meeting we include quite a bit of hip hop/dance. I run the music at our regional winter conference and can conclusively say that hip hop & dance makes a marked difference on the “vibe” of the crowd. It makes your meeting a party. Literally. People dance.


What about YOU?

Do you have any stuff your campus uses that would be helpful to share? Link to it in the comments!


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  • Susie Richardson

    I disagree with your disclaimer. This is GREAT STUFF! Thanks for sharing. I’m passing it along now to Salem State Cru Leadership team.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Susie!

  • Paul Worcester

    Great job Tim! Something we do that works well is a free raffle for a IPAD. We table all day everyday for the first two weeks. This helps us get lots of contacts.

    We are thinking about doing surveys also. Do you find it more effective to verbally ask the questions or simply hand them the survey? What are the pros and cons of each?

    • Anonymous

      We are giving away wayfarer sunglasses (with “Cru” printed on them). That’s how we entice people to do the contact card/survey. We just hand it to them on a clipboard. But we try to interact with them while they’re filling it out.

  • Andrew Wise

    I’m surprised the survey card no longer specifically asks if they are interested in how they can have a personal relationship with God – what was the reason for the change there? It seemed like those were always top priority…

    • Anonymous

      That’s funny. Jordan (on our staff team) asked the exact same question today. Not sure when we changed it. I looked back as far as 2010 and it’s the same as above.

      Anyway – I THINK the reason was
      #1 to simplify the card and get rid of one of the questions.
      #2 – we’re going to tell them about how to have a relationship with God (share the gospel) with every contact we follow up (or at least do our best to). And we felt like the “grow spiritually” question would cast a broader net.

  • Nick Fast

    I love all of this and I’m using most of it down at Arkansas Tech! Thanks so much for sharing it!

    • timcasteel

      That’s great Nick! And welcome to Arkansas!

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  • Ron Cram

    Tim, I am interested in an analysis of the data on the card. It sounds like you got 3000 students to complete the card. How many of them indicated an interest in Cru? How many actually got involved? How many people (staff or students) were involved in collecting this data? How long did it take? Was it all done in one day? How many hours?

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