Best Planning Resources for College Ministry

November 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

I love sharing good resources. Conversely, I hate the idea of college ministry staff reinventing the wheel, taking up precious time recreating stuff that should be readily available.

So, as many of us in college ministry head into planning for the spring, I thought it would be helpful to compile in one place the best resources I’ve found on planning.



  • Three evals that we do every December with our team:
    • Evaluating the Quality of Your Discipleship
      • each staff does this with everyone they disciple
    • Ministry Evaluation (or “how to avoid a brutal first day of team planning – slogging through a group evaluation of the movement”)
      • We email this out to our team a few days before we plan together (it REALLY speeds up team planning because, individually, you’ve already done the heavy lifting of evaluating the current reality of your movement)
    • Personal Staff Evaluation

  • The most practical advice I’ve heard in the past few years on planning (how Penn State Cru plans) – Buckets and Holes
    • Using what we’re good at to fix what we’re bad a

  • A data driven way to plan (and my favorite way to do it): Putting Everything on the Wall
    • How do you take all that is going on in your movement (the good and bad) and all you hope to accomplish (with often conflicting team opinions on what we should focus on next) and make sense of it all to determine what your team needs to focus on in the fall?

  • A compilation of quick resources you can plug into your planning content:
    • Key thoughts on planning
    • Analogies on planning (to help your team vividly see why they need to do the hard work of planning)
    • Questions to help you assess your movement in different ways
    • Quotes on planning (again, to help align your team to why we plan)


Your turn: would love to hear what planning resources you’d recommend – share the wealth in the comments!


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