What Should You Speak On at Your First Weekly Meeting?

August 16, 2013 — 2 Comments

cruA friend of mine recently asked a few Cru directors what they usually speak on at their first Weekly Meeting.

Love his heart for sharing/stealing resources. Seriously. No reason to reinvent the wheel.

Here are some of their responses (there’s a lot of wisdom):


Tim Norman (Cru National Director – Red River Region):

I typically did something that said, “Jesus is a pretty big deal. Cru is a group of people trying to figure out how He can shape our lives and dreams.” Looks like I generally spoke from Colossians 1, John 1, or Mark 1.

I generally tried to accomplish 3 things in my first few talks.

  1. Don’t keep people too long. These were the talks that I tried to be closer to 20-22 minutes.
  2. Let people know a little of “this is what we are about.” Sometimes, I started with the idea that many talk how how to survive as a Christian in college. Well, in this community you could thrive–not just survive.
  3. Shared the gospel. I was always blown away at how many people come to school contemplating a change. I remember my last fall at Northwestern that 2 of the guys that came to the first AIA meeting met with me a few days later and trusted Christ.


Shawn McGrath (National Director of Leadership Development – Red River Region)

I usually kept that talk as one of my shorter ones (20-25 mins) too, but here are a few things I wanted to make sure to do:

  • build trust with them by sharing my own story of struggle and life-change
  • show them we value the Word (usually taught from John 4 woman, John 20 Thomas)
  • give vision for where we are headed as a movement (evangelism and discipleship, growth)
  • share the Gospel
  • incorporate life-change stories from student leaders in the crowd- have them share if possible


Chris Newport (University of Texas Cru Director):

One passage I’ve used is John 4 and the woman at the well…talking about the thirst of the soul and how we are always looking at ways to satisfy this thirst, with this woman looking to men to fill that need in her life. Easy to address issues related to coming to college and trying to fit in, and showing how Jesus is what we are really looking for. Click to download it.

This fall I think I’m going to use Genesis 1 and talk about how we are made in God’s image, and that just as He is in community among the trinity, we were made for community. That part of reflecting Him is to be in close community and that we can’t experience the life were created for apart from community. Easy tie in to getting involved in Cru. Click to download it.


My response:

I usually bring in great speakers/pastors for the first few Cru’s. It frees me up to focus on helping our staff/leaders follow up freshmen instead of working on a talk for 12 hours/week.

What do you think? What should you talk about at your first weekly meeting?

If you have a go-to talk, share the wealth in the comments with a link.


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  • Chris Warren

    Great post – a total felt need since I am speaking on Wednesday. This is only my second year as the MTL at the University of Arizona. But there were some principles shared here that I agree with.

    1) Keep it short.
    2) Focus on the greatness of Jesus.

    Last year I taught on Assurance of Salvation since most of the students checking us out were Chrisitans or thought they were Christians. This year I am teaching on the Great Banquet (and the excuses the Pharissees give). Honing in on the idea that walking with Jesus will help you “thrive not survive” will be extrememly helpful to highlight.

  • Bob Fuhs

    My first talk was what I called the “First date” talk. I knew students were checking out Cru and I wanted to give them a picture of what we were all about. I always invited people to come to our fall retreat at that first talk. I let them know they are one retreat away from really feeling connected in Cru. Then, I did a talk about the presence of God in college. I figured my audience was Christians who needed to be reminded that the God they knew in high school is also the God who came with them to college. Then, my next message was about assurance of salvation. Classic 1 John 5. I always did a “pray with me” at the second and third weekly meetings figuring that those who came to the first meeting brought friends to the second one. And many of those friends would be non-believers. I asked for a response on the follow up cards to see who all indicated decisions.

    One of my favorite series we did was called “The Questions of Jesus.” For the first 4 weeks we looked at places in the scriptures where Jesus asked people questions (Who do you say that I am? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world? What do you want me to do for you? etc…). Throughout the series we asked students what question they would ask Jesus if they could, then we crafted the next 4 talks around those questions.