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This is part of a series on Learning from the Top Sending Campuses in Cru.

See the intro for a full list of all the campuses profiled (and links to each). 

Quick facts on Ball State Cru:

  • Avg # on staff team – 10-12 full time on campus (including interns)
  • Avg Cru meeting size – 400-500 first cru= 600-700
  • Movement size – 400 students
  • Students at Ball State – 18,000 (3,500 freshmen)
  • # in Community Groups – 400 avg – 430 last year
  • 250-300 on fall retreat
  • Partnership – East Asia


Sending stats last year:

  • STINT – 4 new; 1 re-stint
  • Intern – 2 re-intern (both Part Time Field Staff)
  • Staff – sent 2 to NYC, 2 to Boston, 2 to U of Illinois, and 2 to U of Toledo.
  • An update re: this year’s sending from Corey (the MTL): “We did our intern dessert back in Oct and now we have 12-14 students applying to intern plus 4 more applying for STINT. We are excited about that!”

Average year of sending:

  • 4 new STINTers
  • 4 new interns is the norm
  • 2-4 staff/year
  • Avg around 40-50 on Summer Missions
    • 1/3 overseas (last year was maybe ½)
    • 2/3 stateside  (Virginia Beach and Ocean City)


Here’s some insight on Ball State’s sending from their Missional Team Leader (MTL) – Corey Schumacher:

How did you become a sending campus?

  • It has always been that way since I’ve been there (5 years) – It’s the culture before I got here
  • Keys to Sending:
    • Having a partnership location
      • So people can be praying for it
      • There’s always been a partnership director on our staff team
        • Keeping the partnership and vision for the world before our staff team
        • When we pray together as a staff team
        • He was a former ICS (long term staff) in EA – really knows the partnership location well
        • We do a spring break to our partnership location every other year
        • He goes around to all the men’s Action Groups and does a Bible study on God’s heart for the world
          • Takes up an offering for the national staff
            • Adds to buy in to have students giving to the partnership
        • We always have the STINT team overseas connect with our movement
          • They make a video that we show at the partnership meeting
          • We pray for them in our small groups
          • The MC’s skyped them at the weekly meeting
          • As often as we can, we get their faces in front of our students
      • Every fall we cast vision for our partnership at Cru
        • Partnership week at Cru
        • Prayer week for our partnership
      • Every year we bring in the Traveling Team – early in the fall – September/October
      • Cast a lot of vision for the world early in the fall
      • Have our Action Groups pray for all the partnerships for our region
        • Each guy in the study is assigned a country – we give them an Operation World and they research it and present it back to their study and they pray for it
    • Over the past years, the female MTL is always leading Summer Missions to our partnership locations
      • Always going and saying “come with me”
    • Pretty much our whole team has been over to the partnership and been on STINT there
      • We encourage our students to STINT before they intern
      • Those who STINT come on staff
        • They get a vision for the world and they want to come back and mobilize students to the world
      • Those who intern, they do one year and they move on
    • Fall Retreat
      • When we do our class times – fish/soph/jr/sr
      • I take the Sr class and spend the majority of that time casting vision for STINT and interning
      • We have 40-50 seniors in that time.


What advice do you have for a campus that wants to grow from not much sending to being a sending campus?

  • If I were starting fresh, it would depend on our staff team
    • I would take the lead as the MTL to personally own the vision for the partnership – keeping the vision before the movement
    • I would leverage what we already do
      • Small Groups
      • Weekly Meeting
    • I would personally infuse vision for the world at those
    • “Man, Corey just won’t shut up about the world”
    • The first thing I would do is get the staff team on board
    • Friday mornings we do devotional stuff – use those times to cast vision for the world
  • Getting students on Summer Missions (even stateside)
    • Because they come back with a heart for the world
    • The international dinners (on stateside SM) are big

What motivates students to intern?

  • Generally – they like the staff team
  • They want to be a part of the staff family
  • They want to do ministry alongside us
  • They want to continue their ministry on at Ball State
  • We don’t really push for interns
  • This year we are –
    • We’re praying for 6
    • We’re taking them to a dessert in September.
    • To help lock them down sooner – to get some momentum
      • Hey, come intern with me
    • Content:
      • Vision for interning – what they’ll be doing
      • Support raising – answering questions
      • Even if you want to do the workforce long term, come become an expert in ministry first
      • Have a current intern share
  • We’ve felt like our staff team has been a little dry – less fun – thinking that has translated to less people wanting to join us


What are your big takeaways from Ball State Cru? What was most helpful? What clarifying questions do you have?



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