Getting Ready to Lead your Team into the Fall

August 5, 2015 — Leave a comment
A friend of mine who leads Cru at LSU asked what I as a Director do to get ready for the fall.


Thought I’d share my email I sent him in case it’s helpful for anyone else!


What I usually do to get ready for the fall is read back over all our notes from our 4 days of spring planning (kept in Google Drive). Just get myself up to speed. Then I look over the the first four weeks calendar. Here’s ours:
1st 4 weeks of class Calendar 2015

Then I do a few things:

  • Remind myself there are 3 things your staff need.
  • Appoint one of your staff as first week director:
    • leads cookouts and other outreaches we do during move in week
    • makes sure spiritual interest tables are set up and manned
  • Appoint one of your staff as follow up director
    • The primary responsibilities are:
    • Overseeing the follow-up of spiritual interest Cards
    • Launching of Community Groups (tracking with leaders on whether they’re following up and inviting to their CG, getting students plugged in)
  • Assign a couple of your staff to run point on the two night student leadership retreat
  • Those director roles help free you up to see the whole instead of stressing about the details
  • Line up pastors to speak at our first 3 Cru Meetings
  • Confirm details for fall retreat – speaker, location, band, start work on brochure/promo video
  • Send out an email to our team, encouraging them to get all personal things done before they report back. I usually email something like this:
    • “Please have all your personal stuff done before next week (moving in, raising support, prayer letter, etc) as we will be pretty slammed starting Aug. 5 (so take advantage of the next few days to get all personal stuff done!)”
  • Then I meet with my co-leader, Katie Aist. We usually meet twice (2 hours each day), to start planning out each planning day.


Here’s links to details for each of our planning days:

  • Day 1 – connecting as a family; immediate to-do’s
    • I think it’s helpful to have a new staff/intern orientation (for new staff and interns) – One of our senior staff leads that in the afternoon after planning. Here’s our content.
  • Day 2 – nailing down critical path steps; refresher on what we planned in the spring
  • Day 3 – Vision and Clarity of Job What does it look like for me/us to succeed?
  • Day 4 – split men/women to nail down student community group leaders and discipleship
  • Day 5 – odds and ends; vision for sending
  • 2 full Fun Days (usually one with kids and everyone. Then one with just adults – split men/women)


What helps you prep for the fall?



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