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#cruchat prmo

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first EVER #CruChat! It was a lot of fun with great interaction and #collegemin wisdom shared. We had a great mix of ministries (not just Cru staff!) and a range from interns/new staff to decades-veteran staff – 547 tweets from 53 people (avg of 10 tweets/minute).

The next #CruChat will be on October 7.

What people said about #CruChat:



Matt McComas put together a summary of the #CruChat via Storify:

(You might have to scroll within the Storify window to see the full Story. Or click here to view it in its entirety on Storify.)


To see every tweet (because there were a lot of great conversations happening – the summary above is just a fraction of the wisdom that was shared), here’s a link to the Twitter search of #cruchat.

What were your biggest takeaways?

What should we talk about at the next #CruChat on October 7?

The Inaugural #CruChat

September 4, 2015 — 1 Comment

On Tuesday, September 8 at 9am PST/ 12pm ET we will be having the first ever #CruChat on Twitter.

We will discuss:

Leading in College Ministry and Surviving the Fall

Myself (@timcasteel), Bob Fuhs and Matt McComas will be moderating the chat.

#cruchat prmo

Why #CruChat? Is it just for Cru staff?

#CruChat is NOT just for Cru staff and students! We encourage all college ministry leaders (students and staff) to participate in #Cruchat. We chose #CruChat because we want to encourage more of a sharing culture in Cru. Yes, I want everyone in college ministry to share. But I also want to specifically encourage MY organization to share. I think we will all benefit when thousands of Cru staff begin to share best practices and insight on college ministry. No one benefits from silos of knowledge stuck on one campus within one organization.

What is a Twitter Chat?

“Twitter chats provide a chance to network and grow your circle (and knowledge!) through shared interests. A Twitter chat is where a group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag (#) for each tweet contributed. A host will pose questions (designated with Q1, Q2…) to prompt responses from participants (using A1, A2…) and encourage interaction among the group. Chats typically last an hour” (source)
We’ll have 4-5 questions that everyone can chime in on with their wisdom. We’ll all share and we’ll all learn.


A few tips:

  • We’ll provide questions (preceded by a number (eg. Q1, Q2).
  • “Reply” to respond to questions. Label your answers A1, A2, etc. And make sure to include hashtag #Cruchat in your responses.
  • Refresh often & search #Cruchat to see all responses and discussions. Save #Cruchat as search term
  • You don’t have to participate for the whole hour – If you miss any of the discussion, simply search #Cruchat afterwords to review all Tweets.
  • And after the chat we will compile the discussion via Storify and share it with everyone
  • Before you join the chat you might want to give your Twitter followers a heads-up like “High tweet volume warning” and invite them to join the #CruChat
  • Twitter protocol: put a “.” in front of an @username if you want your tweet to show up in all feeds:
    • Good= “.@timcasteel – I think the best way to do college ministry is…..”
    • Bad= “@timcasteel – I think the best way to do college ministry is…..” [this tweet will only be seen by me and anyone that follows both of us]
  • Don’t be afraid to jump in! You don’t have to be a ministry veteran to offer your two cents
A few links that are helpful for understanding Twitter Chats:


We need your help! We haven’t picked the final questions for Tuesday.

What questions do you suggest we all discuss on Tuesday (specifically related to surviving and thriving in the fall)?

What topics should we tackle in future #Cruchat’s? What are some topics you’d like to discuss with other college ministers?