Videos to Cast Vision at Your Cru Meeting

August 21, 2017 — 1 Comment

Here are 4 videos you could use to cast vision at a weekly meeting for what students are stepping into when they come to a Cru weekly meeting.

Have You Ever Wondered, “Why Me?”

Great vision. High energy. Maybe aimed more at leaders (it asks the question – “who will you share the gospel with?”).

Length: 3:23

The History of Cru 

Not sure if we’ll use this one as it ends on a bit of a downer (Vonette’s death). Good historical perspective of what students are stepping into – we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Length: 2:16

What is community to Cru?

This one might be the best of the bunch. No words. Just a picture of the global community of Cru.

Length: 1:49

Text Meeting Intro

This one is super old (probably made in 2011??). We don’t use it anymore. But here it is fwiw.

Length: 1:07 (it intentionally has 30 seconds at the end of blank screen with background music so MC’s can walk up on stage during that part)


I try to share resources that can be shared by any type of college ministry.

Unfortunately these videos will probably only be useful for Cru movements (because of the content/branding)!

What other videos do you know of that you’ve showed at a weekly meeting?



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  • Thanks for sharing. I took your “Why Me?” video and shared it to my FB group with the note telling my students to get encouraged by this video from another national campus ministry with a similar vision.

    As with your videos, the branding may make these hard to use outside of Chi Alpha (I think the first one may be impossible outside of XA, actually).

    XA 2.0 – (this one is my go to)

    Chi Alpha 2017 promo video –

    The Seat of Power – – it’s old now but I might resurrect it sometime.