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Top 100 Songs of 2015

December 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

Our family listened to over 100,000 minutes of music in 2015 (20% more than 2014!) from 1009 different artists. Out of the 2,216 different songs I listened to I’ve narrowed it down to the top 100 songs of 2015. There weren’t any clear “song of the year” candidates this year. I like pretty much every song in the top 5 equally – it was tough to pick a #1.

In 2015, women ruled the Indie music world – with 7 of my top 10 songs. According to Spotify, Purity Ring and Chvrches were my two favorite bands of 2015. Those two female-fronted bands (as well as Grimes!) have a huge presence in my top 100 and were easily my favorite groups of 2015.

Biggest shocker – a Mumford song in my top 5 (for most of the year it was my #1)! Totally risking my indie-street cred.

Speaking of which, if you follow indie music at all, you’ll find that most “Top Songs of _____” are trying really hard to be cool and prove their hipster-ness.

My Top Songs list is Indie Music for the Masses – Indie Music that’s actually enjoyable to listen to (not grating avant-garde or sleep-inducing-singer-songwriter).

Most of these songs are Indie-pop, Indie-rock, or Indietronica.

To further explore amazing music, here are a few bonus lists:

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Here are my 100 favorite songs of 2015 (click to play individual tracks or here to play the full list in Spotify): 

100. Beautiful Words – Oscar

99. I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around – Chromatics

98. New Emotion – K.I.D

97. Sparks – Beach House

96. Do You Remember – Jarryd James

95. Higher – Kwamie Liv

94. Armor – Illuminine, I Will, I Swear

93. Hideaway – Ten Sleep

92. Dancing On Glass – St. Lucia

91. Beyond Love – Beach House

90. Radar – GRRL PAL

89. Too Much – Geographer

88. Fool for Love – Lord Huron

87. The Chase – Future Islands

86, I’m Ready – Geographer

85. Keep Your Lips Sealed – The Dø

84. Evening Ceremony – Active Child

83, Sunshine on My Back – The National

82, Superego – Leyya

81. The Game – Priest

80. America – XYLØ

79. Black Sun – Death Cab for Cutie

78, begin again – Purity Ring

77, Tide Teeth – Night Beds

76, Rich (feat. Anndreyah Vargas) – Radio Edit – Cosmo Sheldrake, Anndreyah Vargas

75. True Affection – Father John Misty

74. Realiti – Grimes

73, Bros – Wolf Alice

72. Red Shifting – The Helio Sequence

71, The Fool – Ryn Weaver

70. Wild Horses – Bishop

69. Hello – Adele – not too cool to put this song on here

68. heartsigh – Purity Ring

67. Until We Can’t (Let’s Go) – Passion Pit

66, Clouds – Cut Ribbons

65. Sister – The Japanese House

64. California – Grimes

63. flood on the floor – Purity Ring

62. Home – Madeon

61. Fourth of July – Sufjan Stevens – great song. A little too slow and depressing to get much play time on the ol’ minivan stereo

60. Make Them Gold – CHVRCHES

59. PPP – Beach House

58. Upward Mobility – The Helio Sequence

57. Patience – Geographer

56. Take Care of Me – Briana Marela

55. Queen Of Peace – Florence + The Machine

54. The Emotion – BØRNS

53. Leave A Trace – CHVRCHES

52. Delirious – Susanne Sundfør

51. I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler – YACHT – this song sums up my youngest child (and many college students!) perfectly. Always bored in a futuristic world. A la Louis CK’s “Everything is amazing and nobody’s happy”

50. Highway Patrol Stun Gun – Youth Lagoon

49. Sagres – The Tallest Man On Earth

48. Don’t Need Nobody – Ellie Goulding

47. Heart Is Full – Miike Snow

46. repetition – Purity Ring

45. Towards The Sun – From The “Home” Soundtrack – Rihanna

44. When Your Love Is Safe – Active Child

43. Falling Apart – Geographer

42. Scud Books – Hudson Mohawke

41. Dreams – Beck

40. Running With The Wolves – AURORA

39. TURN AWAY – East India Youth

38. Holes In The Sky – From The “Insurgent” Soundtrack – M83, HAIM

37. The Guest – Geographer

36. Carry Me Home – From The “Insurgent” Soundtrack – SOHN

35. Mountain At My Gates – Jono Ma [Jagwar Ma] Mix – Foals

34. Gosh – Jamie xx – Give this song a chance. Incredibly infectious.

33. Lost It To Trying – Paper Towns Mix – Son Lux – one of my girls’ favorite songs of 2015

32. Warm Blood – Carly Rae Jepsen

31. AhHa – Nate Ruess – probably my kids’ favorite song of 2015. Bonus points for randomly quoting a e. e. cummings poem during the chorus

30. Levitation – Beach House

29. Never Let You Down – From The “Insurgent” Soundtrack – Woodkid, Lykke Li

28. Sugar Pill – The Japanese House

27. Loud Places – Jamie xx, Romy – my #1 most-listened-to-song over the last few weeks. If I’d found it earlier in the year, it may have been higher up.

26. Animal – HAERTS

25. The Dreamer – Anna Of The North

24. Water – Ra Ra Riot, Rostam

23. stillness in woe – Purity Ring

22. Butterfly – Grimes

21. dust hymn – Purity Ring

20. At Once – Beirut – a great song from a disappointing album (was really looking forward to this album from one of my favorite bands)

19. John My Beloved – Sufjan Stevens – A sincere, longing song about Jesus. You don’t hear that much in the indie world. Sufjan wrestling with whether Jesus is just a myth or alive and active. 

18. Let It Happen – Tame Impala

17. Letter By The Water – The Japanese House

16. sea castle – Purity Ring

15. Easily – Grimes

14. Clearest Blue – CHVRCHES

13. Sedona – Houndmouth

12. Keep You On My Side – CHVRCHES

11. Come Find Me – Emile Haynie, Lykke Li, Romy

10. Eventually – Tame Impala – a great, sincere breakup song

9. Flesh without Blood – Grimes

8. Never Ending Circles – CHVRCHES

7. Space Song – Beach House

6. The Thunder Answered Back – Eskimeaux – super quirky and really good. 

5. Snake Eyes – Mumford & Sons – was my favorite song of the year for much of the year 

4. Belly of the Beat – Grimes – it was hard to pick my favorite Grimes song. In the last couple months, I’ve had Grimes on repeat. She’s super talented – she plays and produces everything you hear on the album (instruments and vocals).

3. Lemon Eyes – Meg Myers – really wanted to put this one at #1. Amazing debut song for her and best indie rock song of 2015.

2. stranger than earth – Purity Ring

1. Down Side Of Me – CHVRCHES


The only concert we went to all year – Chvrches in Kansas City!

Would love to hear – what were your favorite songs of 2015??

Top Albums of 2015

December 19, 2015 — 1 Comment

Here are my favorite albums of 2015. I’d love to hear from you what your favorite albums were.

Here’s my top albums from previous years: 2014201320122011 and 2010

Click links to play in Spotify

Tame Impala

tame-impala-currents6. Tame Impala – Currents

Had only had a little exposure to Tame Impala before this album but they definitely took it up a notch with this album. A couple great songs on this album:

sufjan carrie5. Sufjan Stevens – Carrie and Lowell

I actually loved (and still listen frequently) to Sufjan’s experimental electro-album Age of Adz. So I was a little disappointed to hear that he was returning(regressing?) to a more stripped down acoustic sound. The verdict? In my opinion, not as good as Adz. Especially in terms of repeat listens. It’s a beautiful, dark, honest, depressing album about Sufjan coming to grips with the death of his mom (who abandoned him as a kid). But I don’t find myself going back to it very often. It’s just not very fun (at all). But there ARE some hauntingly beautiful songs. Part of the reason I don’t get to listen to it very often – my kids and my wife hate it. So our minivan is rarely blessed with the beauty of Sufjan. A couple of the best songs on the album:

A sincere, longing song about Jesus. You don’t hear that much in the indie world:


depression cherry4. Beach House – Depression Cherry

A chill album. Minimalist and beautiful. So many great songs. Not fun. But moving. Their music makes you feel like you are floating in space or relaxing in a hammock by the ocean.

A few of the best:


Grimes wins weirdest cover art of 2015. About half the songs are too weird to enjoy. The other half are amazing indie pop. She is one talented woman – she plays and produces everything you hear on the album (instruments and vocals). These are definitely my most listened to songs of the last few months:

purity ring2. Purity Ring – another eternity

It was very difficult to decide #1 and #2. Both amazing indie-pop albums packed with incredible songs. Chvrches just has a little more realness and emotion and depth. But Purity Ring has better beats. A tremendous improvement in this their second album (their first album had a few good songs and lots of bad ones). So many great songs. Hard to pick even a few to mention since they’re all so good:

chvrches1. Chvrches – Every Open Eye

Chvrches first album was really good. This one is bigger and deeper – a more expansive and polished sound. Not a bad song on the album. Definitely my family’s favorite album of the year (I was a little more divided between Purity Ring, Chvrches, and Grimes).

Some standout songs:

Would love to hear – what are your favorite albums of 2015?