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For those of you who, like me, like to see data on how we (Cru) are doing at sending (and who’s doing well that we could learn from)…
Here’s some recent stats from Cru’s Headquarters (all of this is from Jim Rhodes – Cru’s National Intern/STINT Coordinator for the U.S. Campus Ministry):


As I reported before, 75% of our U.S. Interns and 59% of our STINTers stay with us (they continued in their employment with us as either Staff, a 2nd year Internship, or as PTFS-part time field staff).


Here’s a little more insight into who’s doing well:
The Regions reporting the best retention rates among U.S. Interns are …
1) The Great Lakes Region (83%)
2) The Great Plains Region and the Upper Mid-West Region (80%)


The Regions reporting the best retention rates among STINTers are …
1) The Great Plains Region (83%)
2) The Great Lakes Region (69%)
3) The Mid-Atlantic Region (67%)


“Global Missions has worked very hard in over the past few years to address their retention rate … improving from 53% in 2012 to 59% last year.
STINT retention over the years seems to have much more to do with leadership and magnetic teams than any other factors.”


The Regions reporting the best join staff rates are …
1) The Great Plains Region (42%)
2) The Mid-Atlantic Region (26%)
3) The PSW Region (24%)
(for a breakdown of what states are in which Cru Region, I list them at the bottom of this post)


75-80% of new staff first served as Interns or STINTers.

“Another interesting stat we have been collecting is that over the past 3 years, when asked at each new Staff Training class … 75%-80% of those present … joining staff … had served as Interns or STINTers.  That tells us how important retention of our interns and STINTers is.”


Support Raising Retention Among Interns/STINTers

In Cru, Interns and STINT’ers raise 100% of their funding (to cover salary, ministry expenses, insurance, etc).
A pretty typical timeline is:
  • Apply by March 1
  • Hear re: acceptance by April 1
  • Attend an Intern training weekend in mid-April
  • Start raising support after May graduation.
  • First goal – 15% of support in hand by June 1 (soft deadline)
  • July 1 – 50%
  • Finish support raising by August 1 (which is a pretty hard deadline – if you’re not at 100% by August 1, you typically can’t Intern/STINT)
  • Report to campus early August
Ever wonder how many interns make it through- from acceptance to getting on campus with 100% support?
80% of U.S. Interns & 87% of STINTers reach full support and report to their campuses in the Fall.
I know in our region, 100% of interns/STINTers who work 40 hours a week (over the summer) on support raising make it to campus.


There were a total of 2084 Intern/STINT/PTFS applications this year … the second most ever.
“776 total STINTers and Interns are currently out there raising support in order to report to their assignments this Fall.
Additionally, there are 132 new Part-time Field Staff currently out there being coached as they develop ministry partners.
We need to continue to work together with the regions and strategies to look at the follow through of our applicants. We seem to have a pretty large number (53%) of applicants who drop out of the application process, or fail to complete their application and submit it for evaluation.”


What are your takeaways from all of this? What questions do you have?


“I don’t know how to explain this other than that God has chosen now as the time for Ethiopia to receive him.

The things we see and the stories we hear seem to be straight out of the book of Acts.”

One year ago, Seth was a senior at the University of Arkansas. He and a friend had committed to going on STINT to Ethiopia but they had no team, no women committed to go. God worked in incredible ways to raise up 3 women to go with them.

Seth sent us this audio last week and we added pictures (actually Michael Allen, our intern video guru) and showed it at our weekly meeting. 4 guys came up after Cru desiring to go to Ethiopia on summer project.

I’d encourage you to watch and be encouraged by how God is moving in Ethiopia (and pray for him to do the same across Africa).

Some great quotes from this 3 minute video:

  • 25 years ago Ethiopia was a closed, Communist nation. Christianity was illegal.
  • Now Ethiopia is open to the gospel and it is spreading like an unquenchable fire.
  • The harvest is plentiful and the laborers, well, not so much.
  • You can be one of these laborers.
  • Consider coming on STINT when you graduate.
  • Please come and help us


Midweek Ministry Thoughts

January 26, 2011 — 3 Comments
  • Just had a thought today: It seems like so many students nowadays study abroad, what if we actually promoted (at our weekly meeting) the idea of STINT-ing while studying abroad. One of our sharpest girl leaders is doing that next year in Buenos Aires. Usually, students studying abroad means losing a key leader for a year and them not walking with God for a year. But I could get really excited about it if we were SENDING them out to the world. What do y’all think? Is that a workable idea (to STINT and study abroad concurrently)?

  • Benson Hines has a great post on investing a disproportionate amount of time investing in training (and I would add, raising up) small group leaders.

  • I’ve recently started following a bunch of students on Twitter. It’s been so good for understanding their world. And an easy way for me to connect with them quickly via responses to their tweets. When I see them at Cru I feel like I really know them (as opposed to them just being another freshman whose name I can’t recall).  And it has led to the next idea. . .

  • During our weekly training time, we often have students share what God is doing across campus. It’s always my favorite part of the gathering. And students get to hear and be challenged by their peers. It makes it feel like everyone is passionately representing Christ (“I’m not alone repping him my little dorm). We recently (OK, today) just started using our ArkansasCru twitter account to broadcast what God is doing all across campus so that daily students (who follow us) can hear what God is doing and be spurred on (and praise God). Up until this point we’ve just used it (and we hardly use it) to spam tell everyone when we have events. Three examples from today (from three freshmen!):
  • RT @Brittonwilson My prayer journal entry just now was crazy sloppy & it makes me really happy! Excited about praying for my lost friends!
  • RT @modern_mafia: Gotta love it when God answers prayers right after listening to a speaker talk about the importance of prayer
  • RT @nikimangan: Just spent 2 hours filling out an intense application to spend 3 weeks in Ethiopia this summer with @arkansascru! So excited!