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This is part of a series: Learning from Large Cru Movements- a look at 8 of the largest Cru movements in the U.S.  Read the Series intro here.

Overview of the Movement at Michigan State

Movement stats as of 2011

  • 47,000 students enrolled at Michigan State
    • A classic Big Ten school
    • Good academics, but not the number one thing in students’ lives
    • Good leaders, good social skills
    • Most students work 10-20 hours a week (because of Michigan economy)
  • 15,000 in dorms (largest dorm system in the U.S.)
  • 5,000 internationals (a lot of Chinese – 3,000)
  • 16 Cru staff (4 bridges, 12 traditional). Interns – 4 last year, 10 this year (most recruit themselves)
  • 550 involved
  • Weekly Meeting – 400-500 throughout year; first meeting – 500
  • Bible Studies – 550 involved
    • 140-150 Freshmen in studies
    • 80-100 Small Group leaders
  • Brian Langford directs the movement at Michigan State
    • 12 years at Michigan State
    • 15 years on staff (was 30 when he came on staff)


Movement History and Biggest Contributors to Growth

  • In 30 year history of the movement there’s just been 3 directors – great heritage
  • In 2000, the movement had dropped to 150
    • Staff team all transitioned out (by Brian’s third year)
      • (Though movement didn’t decline because of that)
  • Year three – jumped from 200’s to 300’s
    • Went from 25 to 75 core leaders
  • Mostly just the Lord – we were out there with 5 loaves, 2 fish asking God to work and He showed up
  • The biggest thing was movement building (learned from Roger Hershey)
  • I was trying to change things from up front but Hersh encouraged me that as long as I was doing the right things with the right people, things would change
  • 2002 – I took 12 guys to disicple, the strongest leaders
  • Every single guy leader in the movement (the next few years) came from those 12
    • That changed our movement
    • Instead of seniors coasting out, they finished strong
    • There was a sense of radicalness to the group – praying to speak to professors
      • One of those 12 told me, “I want a night for prayer and revival” – I gave him Paul Eschelman’s (head of Jesus Film) email and Paul came and spoke!
      • Those 12 men prayed every week
      • If your senior guys are praying, you’re in a good spot
  • I still had my hands in with every single guy leader
    • They were all in my study
    • I empowered those 12 leaders – I presented the issues – “what do we do about it?” and they took it on
  • We have a great staff team
    • Tom Roby told me (when he saw the team transitioning), “If I were you I’d raise up interns who are about what you are about vs. hoping for good placement of new staff” [hoping for sharp staff to be sent to you from the outside]
    • What happened is we were blessed with both


Key Points

  • Key Principle: Start the way you want to finish
    • If you want freshmen who are engaged with the Lord, sharing their faith as seniors
    • DNA – on Mich State website– we want students to know who we are as Cru
      • Found out that we would hear different things from difference segments of Cru (students on east side would say something different than students on west side)
      • We want students to know who we are, and the things we do are not because we’re Cru, it’s because we’re children of the King – serving Him
    • Say it at the meeting (we don’t just recite it)
      • When I’m giving a talk at the weekly meeting, I emphasize one of the points of our DNA
      • Thru Small Groups and Discipleship and at leadership overnight
  • The more students know us (Directors) as real people, they will trust us
    • So we have cookouts at our house – all the men action group leaders (25-30 students).
    • Invite all the freshmen over for dinner at our house

What do staff do?

  • Normal week= 50 hour week
  • I ask them to do 25 hours in prayer, evangelism, discipleship on campus (doing the things we tell our supporters we do)
  • Each staff have target areas – 2-3 dorms each
  • Rarely do I hand them disciples – most of them raise up men/women
  • Brand new staff – I want them to raise up a freshmen group (even if they’re capable of leading an Action Group). There’s something special about raising up your own men/women (we rob them if they don’t get to do that)
  • Staff lead a team – they’re the director of the team, and students are their staff
    • I don’t want staff to plan the weekly meeting, but I want them to lead the studens who are actively doing it


Ministry Structure

Leadership Development/Training

  • Don’t bring leaders together too often – two times a semester
  • Because so many students are working jobs
  • Info flows thru action groups (upperclassmen studies – all led by staff)


Weekly Meeting

  • First meeting 500 students, maintain about that many throughout the entire year
  • Usually finish stronger than we started (at weekly meeting)
  • Michigan State doesn’t have any central place to generate buzz (to put up posters, etc) so we don’t get a lot of buzz for our first meeting
  • People come almost all thru relationships (but still hand out posters to students, cups, magnets – a more personal PR approach as opposed to random posters).
  • I tell our students: We want to be bigger and stronger in May than we were in August
  • You’ve gotta give students a place to connect on a smaller level (not just come to the weekly meeting)
  • I’ve really been pushing sophomores to own a piece of the movement by being on a team (outreach, weekly meeting) in addition to being in a small groups
    • That way there are 2 places they’re connecting on a small level



Bible Study Structure

  • Have three levels:
    • Life Groups
    • Training Group
    • Actions Groups (not open to public; made up of Bible study leaders and team leaders)
  • We’re finding that guys need more time to mature so we’re adding the training group (before they’re ready to really lead)
    • Guys have to be pursued and brought along
    • We have to really go after them and develop them
  • The old training group was knowledge based.
  • We’re requiring if they’re in a training group, they have to be engaged on mission, you’re out there actively seeking to share Christ and we’re going to help you.
  • Staff – lead 12-13 students in their Action Group
  • We haven’t multiplied (increased the number of) leaders since ’03 – we’ve been in replacement mode
    • Some of our issue is that we have too good of staff (who end up doing it)
  • How do we engage students?
    • How do we get all the students at our weekly meeting and get them engaged in mission?
  • This year, I took on 12 new guys (some risky) – I gave them a really high challenge. This isn’t just about learning from me, and they never would have shared their faith except they’re in my group
    • Personally challenged them to be in my study (got the names from other staff guys – who are the guys that have great potential but aren’t currently being discipled)
    • Start the way you want to finish
    • Eventually I want these guys to finish sharing their faith, so I’m going to start now


What are your biggest takeaways from learning about the Cru ministry at Michigan State?


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