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pomonaThis is part of a series on Learning from the Top Sending Campuses in Cru.

See the intro for a full list of all the campuses profiled (and links to each). 

Quick facts on Cal Poly Pomona Cru:

  • # on staff team – 10 on campus this year (5 interns, 4 staff, 1 volunteer)
  • Movement size – 300-400 students
  • Students in Community Groups:
    • 150-170 for Cru
    • 100 in Epic
    • Bridges – 25
    • Destino – 25-30
    • AIA – 25

Sending Stats This Year:

  • 6 interns
  • 5 STINT’ers

Partnership: “Sacred River” – South Asia


How did you become a sending campus?

  • Having a good team where interns thrive:
    • I think it’s important for the MTL (Missional Team Leader) to say – “I would love to have you on MY team”
    • We started out with 1-2 interns and it’s grown from there
    • Interns do the best recruiting for interns
    • Once they’re in place, it happens
    • They talk it up
    • It’s one of the main jobs of the MTL to create a heathy team environment (not conflict and drama – people don’t want to be a part of that).
    • A family atmosphere where you want to be a part of this team
    • We’re in the mission together
    • Sense of camaraderie
    • Really like to create an environment where people are open and transparent
      • In August – we did this one time – Process groups – a person shares a turning point in their life (positive or negative) – we spend some time after – people can ask questions or make statements to the person – “when you shared about how this person wronged you, I felt really sad”. “I struggled with Same Sex Attraction in high school.”
      • It sets the tone for our team
      • It’s a family environment that many of our staff have never had
    • It’s not like I spend the weekends with my staff doing car repairs or something
    • We do fun stuff to connect as a team:
      • Doing something fun together
      • In my staff meeting someone said – “let’s do a day where we build furniture out of pallets”
      • I my driveway, we made stuff. Made a bed, Coffee table
      • On top of that we were carving pumpkins together
      • They’re posting this on instagram (they’re spreading the word) – “our team is so fun”
    • Everything spills out of a healthy, happy team
      • Great ministry
      • People walking with the Lord
      • If we’re healthy as a team, our ministry we’ll be healthy
    • How do you create a healthy team?
      • A lot of people look to the staff devo as a place for the MTL to share their theological knowledge
      • I like to take books that are short chapters so we can read it in staff meeting (so there’s no homework) and then discuss
      • Each person gets a turn to facilitate – usually just “what did you think of the chapter we just read?” “What are your initial thoughts?”
      • Books – Cross Centered Life – Mahaney
        • Humility – Mahaney
        • Keller – Prodigal God (great on performance)
        • Transforming Power of the Gospel – Jerry Bridges (it’s particularly good on the spirit filled life)
      • As the MTL, if I share vulnerability – “oh my gosh I’m 54 and I still struggle and I share this struggle with you”
      • All of the books are gospel centered –
        • Our team would be reading these throughout the year and they’re getting these in depth discussions with each other – and it bleeds into their discipleship and bible studies and Cru talks
        • They’re personally wrestling with it
  • Put your overseas partnership as a top priority
    • You occasionally send staff to lead teams
    • They come back and infect the rest of the movement
    • You have the reinforcement of world missions – they platform it
    • It helps with scope – we’re not just reaching Cal Poly Pomona – we’re reaching the world
    • Our vision statement talks about going to the world
  • Prayer
    • For laborers
    • Staff and students who pray for the world

What are your big takeaways from Cal Poly Pomona Cru? What was most helpful? What clarifying questions do you have?


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