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This is part of a series on Learning from the Top Sending Campuses in Cru.

See the intro for a full list of all the campuses profiled (and links to each). 

Some quick facts on Twin Cities Cru:

  • They are on several campuses across the Twin Cities
  • Their hub campus is the University of Minnesota
  • Avg # on staff team – 10-14
  • Avg weekly meeting size = 300-350; first meeting = 450;
  • Movement size = 350-400 students
  • Students at U of Minnesota – 45,000 (5,000 freshmen)
  • # in Community Groups = 350-400
  • Partnership Countries – All 6 of region’s partnerships (Brazil, East Asia, and others)
  • In the last few years numbers have shifted down since we’ve focused on the whole city (but overall number being reached went up – and we knew that would happen).


Sending Stats last year:

  • STINT – 4
  • Intern – 6
  • Staff – 4

Pretty much have that many sent out, most years – 8 or so STINTers, 3-4 interns is the norm; 2-3 staff/year

  • 30-40 from U of Minnesota on Summer Missions
    • Typically 10-14 overseas
    • 20-25 stateside


Twin Cities Cru has had a line of great leaders like Adam Go and Bob Fuhs (who now serves with Cru in Los Angeles). I talked with Adam Go on the phone this past summer and learned a lot from his wisdom:

How did you become a sending campus?

  • Our first benefit is that we had is that the Fuhs led Ocean City for so many years (students went with them every year for 15 years in a row)
  • We’ve really had solid longevity for staff – very significant in growing disciples and people knowing each other well.
  • We were very intentional to send stateside first – to train up laborers and build movements. They’d go on stateside and come back leaders and experience being used by God.
  • I think strong, healthy movements send a lot of people.
  • Bob and Jill Fuhs did a great job of keeping the world as our scope – something about sending was always on our strategic plan.
  • We talk about it more than most.
  • We had a few go on STINT and had good experiences.
  • Intern culture – our team was really attractive and healthy – people loved the Fuh’s and had a long term staff that students wanted to be with.
  • It makes sense to me that healthy, stable teams will attract interns
  • Our team is pretty high on recruiting:
    • In the first few weekly meeting we have a Summer Missions testimony
    • When I do training for freshmen leaders in August – when we’re talking about reaching freshmen
      • You don’t know where this kid is, but he could be the next great missionary to China
      • We don’t know who we are reaching
    • We have a Fall Retreat testimony re: Summer Missions.


November is a Recruiting Month (Govember)

We’re recruiting for:

  • Life Options conference
  • Staff
  • Winter Conference
  • Summer Missions

As a Team Leader, I spent my time recruiting all November.

  • It seemed to matter that the MTL was doing the recruiting (to staff and intern).
  • Ultimately they’d be working for me so I wanted to be the one to invite them to join us.

How do you recruit during Govember?

  • Weekly meeting themed toward sending.
  • Some studies took 1 week to do a sending Bible study.
  • I would train my staff on how to have sending conversations:
    • I’m going to challenge you as strongly as I can
    • It’s up to you and God to decide
    • List values for the summer or life after college
    • Write them down and numerically see what you care about
    • Maybe I shouldn’t even challenge this person (if their passion/skills are elsewhere)
    • Asking students about their vision and training
    • Walking thru biblical principles
    • Specific challenge to intern
    • Understanding the SEND model (the fact that our job is to challenge people – it’s God part to call people; and their part to listen)
    • Decision Making Grid
    • Specific outline of conversation to have with people re: STINTing or Interning
    • A discipleship priority would be to have this convo (in November) with every senior you disciple
    • How to Challenge to Ministry – Leaders Guide
    • Handout for student
  • Have staff or students visiting Bible studies to recruit – “Come with me to East Asia!”
  • One staff guy in particular recruits better than anyone else – so he specifically spends his whole month doing recruiting (so the whole team isn’t doing it).
  • Making sure that we are recruiting the sophomores really well to stateside.
  • Sporadic testimonies from overseas Summer Missions at weekly meeting
  • Decent job of highlighting alumni overseas (videos/prayer letters)
  • Adopt a STINT’er as a Community Group
  • At leadership meetings skyping in the STINT team to talk with them and pray for them


What are your big takeaways from Twin Cities Cru? What was most helpful? What clarifying questions do you have?



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