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October 10, 2010 — Leave a comment
  • Really, Um, Interesting look at Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s speaking habits.  Good reminder to all of us who communicate for our job (see my earlier post on how we’re ALL Professional Speakers)
  • In 2011 will the iPhone replace our need for credit cards?
  • The Wall Street Journal on how Being Late Communicates Disrespect (and how cell phones enable us)
  • Catalog Living is the funniest site I’ve seen this year
  • How Apple products make you a better Christian via Tim Challies (#1: Apple Products Don’t Tempt You to Anger and Despair)
  • Weekend Links

    August 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

    This is big – CruPress Green is Live.  Most of you within Campus Crusade knew this was out, but for those outside of Crusade, here’s a few highlights of what’s on this free site:

    • Bible Study Materials for 4 years (called Cru.comm)
    • Discipleship Materials (called The Compass) – 60 REALLY good discipleship lessons.  And Roger Hershey’s talks on Discipleship and the 4 articles on “How to Disciple” are phenomenal.
    • Free Posters and Publicity
    • Best-of-the-best Resources.   For a starter, go download The Music of the Gospel.  One of the best explanations and metaphors I’ve heard on gospel-centered ministry and living.

    iPhone killing another industry

    By far, my favorite thing about my new iPhone is the hi-def video camera and much-improved camera.  Canon/Sony/Flip should be very concerned.  I haven’t touched my Sony video camera since I got my new phone.  And why do you need to have a point and shoot when you have one already on your phone? The only downside I’ve seen so far: the video is a little shaky (it’s hard to hold the iPhone still).

    I bet in a couple years the majority of people will only want two things for their photography/video needs: a nice DSLR camera and an iPhone.

    Check out these cool magnetic camera lenses for smartphones.

    Interesting infographic from Newsweek on what has changed digitally in the past 10 years.  Think some of these might affect our spiritual lives (and those we minister to) a bit?  One example: in 2000 we spent an avg of 2.7 hours online every week.  2010=18 hours a week.